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About Scrap Car Sites

Scrap Car Sites is your one-stop shop for scrap car yards and metal recyclers in the UK.

About Our Members

Our members include scrap yards, vehicle recylers and Authorised Treatment Centres, approved by the Department for the Environment. They have trained and highly skilled mechanics to expertly identify and remove components that are in good condition and suitable for reuse as recycled salvaged car parts.

In recent years Scrap yards have been given a makeover - in modern car recycling facilities, highly trained specialists ensure that vehicles are dismantled using the safest procedures possible, removing quality parts for reuse and recycling 85% of the car.

Getting Started

Simply fill out the form below and one of our local members will get in touch with you agree a price and a pickup time with them and they'll do the rest, fetching your car and arrange for the relevant documentation and payment.

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